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When you find a tick attached

5 simple steps what to do when you find a tick attached

Lyme Disease Library

List of books, videos, blogs and more to learn more about Lyme disease

Financial Assistance Resources

List of foundations and community support groups that provide financial support for those living with a chronic illness

Patient Support Groups

Find a Lyme patient support group near you

Tick Repellent Roundup

Use this Tick Repellent Roundup to understand the various on-skin and on-clothing repellent ingredients and their pros and cons

Tick Table

Easy to read table shows the most common ticks found in the U.S. that transmit pathogens to humans

Be Tick Aware Prevention Kit

Easy to understand and use kit to help prevent tick bites. Great for families, schools, camps and outdoor-based organizations

Patient Testing Labs

List of diagnostic testing labs specializing in Lyme and other tick-borne diseases

Tick and Lyme Disease Curriculum

Student guides and teacher workbooks to print

Digital Education

Tick awareness and Lyme disease interactive curriculum

Certified Camps

Find a list of camps who have taken advanced steps to protect campers and staff by reducing the tick and mosquito populations as well as control Poison Ivy

Published Research

View scientific abstracts resulting from research projects funded by the Global Lyme Alliance. These articles have all been published in peer-review journals
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