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GLA is here to support Lyme and tick-borne disease patients and caregivers at every stage of their journey. Whether you are searching for answers and resources, looking for a Lyme-treating physician, want information on clinical trials, or want to connect with fellow patients, GLA is here to help.


GLA volunteers proudly answer inquiries from patients throughout the world and provide free information about Lyme and tick-borne disease knowledgeable medical professionals in your area. Visit our Find a Lyme-literate Dr. page


Get One on One Support

Global Lyme Alliance developed a peer-to-peer mentor support program; a free resource for people who are affected by Lyme disease and/or other tick-borne illness. Lyme patients, caregivers, and family members who have questions or just need to talk can connect with someone who has already “been there” and can provide support and hope. Peer mentors are people who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and/or other tick-borne illness or are caring for someone who has and understands what you are going through. Visit our peer-to-peer mentor support program page.


Get Group Support

Connect with others who are living with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Support groups provide a way to talk and meet with other people who affected by Lyme and/or other tick-borne diseases, including patients, family members and caregivers. Support groups provide mutual support and offer an opportunity to discuss with others who share the same experiences. Groups come in different formats – from formal meetings – to small group discussions – to online Facebook groups. Visit our Support Groups page. *Note groups are not affiliated with GLA


Educate Yourself

Get a list of books on Lyme & tick-borne illnesses, chronic Lyme disease, diagnosis and treatment, first-person stories about coping with Lyme disease, diet and nutrition specific to Lyme disease, integrative and alternative medicine, Parenting and Lyme, Children’s books specific to Lyme, etc. Visit our Lyme Disease Library.


Patients like you play an important role in advancing the understanding of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses and the discovery of new or improved treatments by participating in a clinical trial. There are many reasons why people volunteer to take part in a clinical trial. All who volunteer contribute valuable information that will help researchers find better treatments and diagnostic tests that may improve lives. Visit our Clinical Trials page.


A list of treatment/access reimbursement resources, federal and state assistance programs, and transporation assistance programs. Vist our Financial Assistance Resources page.


When reading GLA’s blogs, you’ll feel a sense of community and connection knowing that there are others out there who have gone through what you are going through. From personal stories to treatment to symptoms blogs. Looking for a particular topic? Check out our GLA Blogs page.


Diagnosis Info
Learn about diagnosing Lyme disease including stages, testing and symptoms.
patient laboratoryPatient Testing
Access a list of patient testing laboratories.