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Learning About Lyme

Children are at the greatest risk for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Teaching them the importance of tick awareness and prevention of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses is vital at any age.

Attention Teachers

Global Lyme Alliance has developed “It’s Time to Be Lyme Alert” curriculum for educators to easily adapt into lesson plans.  These fun and interactive workbooks are designed for use in elementary school (grade levels Kindergarten – 3rd), middle school (6th grade), and high school (9th grade) or as appropriate based on student academic levels.  Register to receive curriculum, as well as updates on activities and fun contests.


The curriculum may be used as a self-study program, or as a teacher’s guide that can be printed for use in the classroom. The Teachers Guide provides a Key that outlines the objectives and talking points for each Student Workbook. The curriculum is a series that was developed to grow progressively for use at the various grade levels – each level is a reminder of the importance of Lyme Disease awareness and prevention. Access now.

School Programs

Elementary School

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade programs teach students how to identify ticks, where they live, and what to do if they find a tick. Students will learn from peer guides, Gaby, Lenny, along with their robot A5, who help them digest the material using fun and interactive activities.

Middle School

The 6th grade curriculum teaches students how to identify Lyme disease, causes, symptoms, prevention measures, including what to do if they find a tick. Peer guides, Gaby, Lenny, and their robot A5, introduce the material using a mature approach. The student workbook includes a fun and interactive crossword puzzle, word games and quizzes to help them digest the material.

High School

For 9th grade (and above) curriculum, Understanding Lyme Disease educates students about Lyme disease prevention, signs and symptoms, and explains the course of illness. There is also a discussion of the psychological, social and emotional ramifications of Lyme disease. The student workbook includes an assessment and word games to test their knowledge.

Living the Lyme Lifean important video that will help students and teachers understand the complexities of Lyme disease. Learn how Lyme disease affected the lives of three teenagers as they share their physical, social, emotional, and learning challenges living with the disease.

Our hope is that these educational materials will help prevent Lyme disease in children and promote empathy, understanding, and compassion for those who are struggling to overcome their illness.





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