2019 Lyme Awareness Month Thank You - Global Lyme Alliance 2019 Lyme Awareness Month Thank You - Global Lyme Alliance

Thank You for Your Support!

We are so grateful to everyone who supported our 2019 Lyme Awareness Month Campaign. Our goal was to spread the word about Lyme disease—prevention, symptoms and protection, using printed flyers and social media images to be shared worldwide! We even debuted our flyers in Spanish! To all who participated, we can’t thank you enough.

The Results

The impact of our campaign’s online reach was in the millions, thanks to all of your support! People who requested flyers in the mail for the #BeTickAWARE Lyme Awareness Campaign came from 31 different states, 117 cities/towns, and we even went international.

Watch Our Video

Your support—whether on foot or online, as we move closer to a Lyme-free world—is deeply appreciated. We were so moved by the participation and awareness that came from this campaign, that we wanted to share some of the images & messages we received. With teamwork like this, we WILL make huge strides in the fight against Lyme disease!

You Can Still Participate

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll mail the flyers directly to you or click below to print them on your own.


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Get our Lyme Awareness Month campaign flyers in Spanish
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