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Lyme Symptom Tracker App

Lyme Symptom Tracker app_iconGLA’s Lyme Symptom Tracker app is designed to empower Lyme disease patients and caregivers to take control of symptoms and help manage the disease.

Manage Symptoms and Activity

The Lyme Symptom Tracker App will help you keep track of Lyme disease symptoms through the Lyme Disease Diary survey and monitor cognition and activity levels via active tasks. Your step counts are tracked using phone sensors and wearables.

Lyme Symptom Tracker app_screenshotShare with Your Healthcare Provider

The tracker makes it easy to share your symptoms with your healthcare provider, helping in the treatment and management of your disease.

Clinical Trials

The app includes a clinical trial finder to help find an appropriate clinical trial.

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The app was officially launched at The White House as part of the ‘Top Health’ Tech Sprint hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Chief Technology Officer and Presidential Innovation Fellows.

Find a LLMD
GLA volunteers proudly answer inquiries from patients throughout the world and provide free information about Lyme and tick-borne disease knowledgeable medical professionals in your area.
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