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Join The Fight

Lyme disease is destroying lives. Failed diagnostics and dismissal by the medical community leave thousands undiagnosed. This results in worsening symptoms and makes the disease nearly impossible to treat. With 900 new cases every day, 200 of which are children, countless are suffering. Government funding is woefully inadequate. This means that funding and must come from you. Our goal is to spread awareness and  raise $60,000 during this year-end campaign.

Three easy ways to join GLA

Your involvement is critical to our success. Here are three easy ways to join GLA in the fight against Lyme disease during our #LymeIsReal year-end campaign.

  1. Donate here 
  2. Start your own fundraising page on Facebook or on our Lyme Is Real campaign page. Encourage your family and friends to support you while you fight for this important cause.
  3. Spread awareness
  • Print out the Lyme is real PDF (there are two options, 1. fill in the blank 2. Lyme Is Real). If you’d like to fill in the blank, tell us what Lyme has been for you. Ex: Lyme Is Bravery, Lyme Is Unknown. It’s many different things for many people. We want to hear about what it is from you.
  • Take a photo with the sign (see example below).
  • Post on social media. Tag Global Lyme Alliance and use the hashtag #LymeIsReal. Tell your story and encourage people to share theirs
  • Lastly, when you share, please ask people to donate to the campaign at because funding and awareness must come from our community

Together we can conquer Lyme and tick-borne diseases! Have questions? Email [email protected]

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