Here are 3 easy ways to help generate awareness and work toward a cure for Lyme disease:


1. Change your Facebook profile picture to show your support of Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Use the green #LymeDiseaseAwareness overlay (sample pictured below).


CLICK HERE to change your profile pic.

2. Post a #LymeDiseaseAwareness selfie, to call attention to the preposterous amount of time it takes most Lyme patients to receive an accurate diagnosis.



1. Write the amount of time (years or months) it took for you to get a proper Lyme disease diagnosis. CLICK HERE to download & print the template pictured above–or get creative and make your own!

2. Take your selfie with the paper, making sure your number shows.

3. Post on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtags #LymeDiseaseAwareness and #LymeIsReal and tag Global Lyme Alliance. Make sure to share and like when you see friends and other Lymies post theirs!


3.  Donate! Your donation will support GLA’s mission to conquer Lyme disease through research, education, and awareness.



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