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Global Lyme Alliance, Will Steele, and Chris Drake Host Inaugural Lyme Disease Awareness Event on Nantucket


Thank you to everyone who supported Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural event on Nantucket on Friday, June 28, 2019. This is the first of many events GLA will host on the island. A most sincere thanks to our hosts, GLA board member emeritus William Bainbridge Steele and Christopher Putnam Drake, for graciously sharing their beautiful home for the event.

A huge thank you too to GLA grantee Lise Nigrovic, M.D., Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, for attending and sharing details of her groundbreaking pediatric Lyme research, and GLA vice chair Debbie Siciliano for her work organizing the event.

Beauty abounds on Nantucket, and unfortunately so do ticks and Lyme disease. Both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard have the highest number of Lyme disease cases per population than any other region in Massachusetts. On a national level, it’s estimated that there are 427,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. each year. To compound that, a new study, co-authored by GLA’s Director of Research and Science, Mayla Hsu, Ph.D., estimates that more than two million people could be suffering from post-treatment Lyme disease by 2020. It’s crucial that we work together to find answers that will help patients, through research, education, and awareness. To be part of the cure and support GLA’s mission, please make a donation.

If you or someone you know suspects Lyme disease, please consult with a Lyme-literate physician as soon as possible. GLA can connect you with a physician in your area.

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Hosts Chris Drake and Will Steele, GLA grantee Lise Nigrovic, GLA CEO Scott Santarella, GLA Vice Chair Debbie Siciliano
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Photos courtesy of Barbara Clarke Photography 

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