Children are at the greatest risk for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Help teach kids how to protect themselves from a tick bite with a Be Tick AWARE Prevention Kit.* GLA’s Be Tick AWARE Prevention Kit is great for camps, schools, and other youth-based organizations to teach and remind kids and staff how to protect themselves from a tick bite.

Each Be Tick AWARE Prevention Kit includes:

  • Tick ID Card with Magnifier & Case
  • Be Tick Aware Poster
  • Check 4 Ticks Poster
  • GLA Tick Key Remover

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It’s Time to Be Lyme Alert is a fun, interactive curriculum designed by GLA in partnership with educators to be shared in the classroom, at camp and other youth-focused organizations. The curriculum, available in three age-group levels, includes a student workbook that outlines the objectives and key talking points, along with a supporting teachers’ guide. CLICK HERE to download curriculum.

Elementary School (Kindergarten – 3rd grade)

Students will learn from age-appropriate characters using fun, interactive content.
Objectives: Learn how to identify ticks, understand where ticks live, and know what to do if they find a tick.

Middle School (6th grade)

This program teaches about tick bite prevention and common symptoms of Lyme disease through the use of interactive puzzles, word games, and quizzes.
Objectives: Learn how to identify ticks, know what to do when they find a tick, and gain a greater understanding Lyme disease.

High School (9th grade and above)

This program is designed specifically for the high school audience. It teaches students not only about prevention but how to identify signs and symptoms of the illness, including the psychological, social and emotional impact of Lyme disease.

The high school curriculum is accompanied by a video, “Living the Lyme Life. Moderator Ally Hilfiger talks with three teenagers who share their stories about what it’s like to live with Lyme disease, including the physical, emotional and cognitive impact.




*Disclaimer: Be Tick AWARE Prevention Kits are intended to provide tick bite protection practices. Global Lyme Alliance does not guarantee tick bite protection or tick-borne disease prevention when implementing this information. GLA recommends doing a daily full-body tick check.

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