The Pursuit of Answers: What My Doctors Said

by Susan Pogorzelski #MyLymeLife What was the path to your Lyme diagnosis?   I’m in middle school the first time it happens. I’m 13, I think. Possibly younger. We’ve just returned from a school camping …More

A Letter to My Sick Self

by Bonnie van Geffen #MyLymeLife One Lyme Warrior’s Letter to Herself   Dear Me, Dear Humiliated Me, Please don’t ever call your body weak again. It had to fight so much for so long, that …More

When I Miss My Life Before Lyme

by Kerry Heckman #MyLymeLife Do you reminisce about your life before Lyme?   This morning my co-worker walked around to each of our offices to tell us that there were muffins the conference room left …More

Meditation and Lyme: How it Helps, How it Doesn’t

by Kerry Heckman #MyLymeLife Without a cure, meditation can provide a relief of Lyme symptoms.   Sometimes meditation is offered up as a cure-all for chronic illness. This is certainly not true, and occasionally dissuades …More

A Lymie’s View from 39

by Jennifer Crystal Birthdays and milestones can have a different meaning for Lymies and people with a chronic illness.   When I was six or seven years old, I asked a great-aunt how old she …More

Determination Through Despair: A Lyme Warrior S...

by Susan Pogorzelski #MyLymeLife From one Lyme warrior to another.   I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a difficult time. I’m still struggling to recover from this disease—the raw feelings surrounding this daily …More

Fear of Lyme Reinfection

by Jennifer Crystal Hoping you don’t get another tick bite and Lyme reinfection this spring.   This time of year always makes me happy: the tulips come out, everything blooms, and the world feels hopeful …More

Lyme Moms: We Salute You

by Jennifer Crystal A tribute to the mothers of children with Lyme disease and mothers with Lyme disease, out there on the front lines fighting for awareness, research, treatment, and validation.   When I was …More

Loving Yourself Through Lyme Disease

by Susan Pogorzelski #MyLymeLife Living with Lyme disease can damage both your body and your soul. How do you take care of yourself, emotionally?   This May it will be five years since I was …More