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Lyme Arthritis and Inflammation: Shut It Off!

A summary of 3 Lyme arthritis studies and how our immune system can fail to shut off when there’s an infection. by Mayla Hsu, Ph.D., Director of Research and Science, GLA Arthritis is one of …More

COVID 19: Am I Immune?

Does a positive antibody test mean a person is immune and safe from spreading the virus? by Robert Kobre, Chairman, Global Lyme Alliance The Global Lyme Alliance (“GLA”) has acquired an expertise in antibodies and …More

Have You Heard of the Tick-Borne Disease Babesi...

by Jennifer Crystal Lyme disease isn’t the only illness you can get from a tick bite Babesiosis, a tick-borne infection caused by the parasite Babesia (most commonly, Babesia microti, though there are other species like …More

Dear Lyme Warrior…Help!

by Jennifer Crystal Every few months, Jennifer Crystal devotes a column to answering your questions. Do you have a question for Jennifer? If so, email her at [email protected] Do you usually feel a tick bite? …More

The need for an alternative to current antibody...

by Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Global Lyme Alliance An early and accurate test result is critical to effectively treat most diseases. Especially Lyme disease. The earlier one is diagnosed and treated, the …More

Cooling Off When Swimming Isn’t an Option

by Jennifer Crystal Heat can take a toll when living with Lyme disease Summer is usually a time for celebration, relaxation, and fun in the sun, but 2020 presents special challenges. Due to the pandemic  …More

Corona With a Twist of Lyme: Part 4

by Jennifer Crystal As many of you know from my previous blog posts and my webinar with Daniel Cameron, M.D., I got sick with COVID-19 in mid-March. I have charted my progress with in Corona With …More

I Found a Tick on Me, Now What?

It’s important to follow these simple tips when you find a tick on you, whether it’s attached or unattached   After months of mandatory quarantines and shutdowns, you’ve no doubt happily ventured outdoors by now …More

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