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Building Resilience

by Jennifer Crystal Last spring was incredibly stressful for me. With adrenaline, good maintenance routines, and a bit of luck, I completed an intense amount of written work, a teaching load that included a lot …More

Not All Lyme Rashes Are Created Equal

by Jennifer Crystal Lyme disease: that’s the illness you get when you find a bulls-eye rash, right? It very well could be, but here’s the catch. The bulls-eye rash isn’t the only sign of Lyme …More

Podcast: In The Lymelight – Dr. Casey Kelley

WELCOME TO IN THE LYMELIGHT: A SHOW ABOUT…WELL…LYME DISEASE Season 2, episode 4 Welcome to In The Lymelight: a show about…well…Lyme Disease. In the Lymelight aims to bring humor and knowledge to an otherwise somber …More

Men, Ticks, and Lyme Disease

Why do more men get diagnosed with Lyme disease than women? Is it chance? Is it job related (think about outdoor workers such as landscapers)? Or do they view the initial risk of a tick …More