You’re Not Crazy—You Have Lyme

By Jennifer Crystal I knew there was something physically wrong with me, but when my blood work came back clean and I didn’t fit into any classic diagnostic box, the nurses decided the symptoms were …More

Podcast: In The Lymelight Episode 6

Welcome to In The Lymelight: a show about…well…Lyme Disease. In the Lymelight aims to bring humor and knowledge to an otherwise somber topic with biweekly expert interviews that include, yes, the “heavy” stuff, but also …More

Seasons of Lyme

By Jennifer Crystal The change in seasons is usually an exciting time for most, but the jump from season to season can be especially trying for Lyme patients In the past couple weeks, many people …More

GLA POV: FDA Clears Quidel Lyme Disease Immunoa...

by Timothy Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, GLA Global Lyme Alliance’s Chief Scientific Officer offers perspective on the new FDA approved Lyme disease blood test. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently cleared the Quidel company’s …More

What is Air Hunger, Anyway?

By Jennifer Crystal Chronic Lyme disease & its co-infections, like Babesia, can produce unique symptoms. One of them is referred to as air hunger. When I tell people I have chronic Lyme and some of …More

New test for Babesia approved by the FDA

by Mayla Hsu, Ph.D. Director, Research and Science Global Lyme Alliance Screening the blood supply for infectious microbes should be an obvious and ongoing health sector priority, especially for those microbes known to cause disease. …More

Could a pathogen be the cause of Alzheimer’s di...

By Philip Perry Originally published on For the last 40 years, a minority of researchers have considered the notion that a pathogen might be behind Alzheimer’s disease. In 2011, Judith Miklossy (former GLA Scientific Advisory Board member) and fellow …More

Are Mold and Mycotoxins Compromising Your Recov...

By Jennifer Crystal When I was in elementary school, I developed a barking cough every spring. Loud, disruptive and persistent, the cough drew annoyed looks from teachers and students alike. Hearing me coming down the …More