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Tick Removal

What To Do If a Tick Bites You

If a tick is attached to your skin, don’t panic. Keep calm and remove it properly and promptly using a fine-pointed tweezers or special tick-removal tweezers. By removing the tick as soon as you can, you reduce the chance that you, a family member or pet will get infected. Click here to learn more about ticks and the pathogens they carry.


  1. Using fine-pointed tweezers, grasp the tick at the place of attachment, as close to the skin as possible.
  2. Gently pull the tick straight out with steady, even pressure. Do not squeeze, twist or jerk the tick. (Watch this video for removal tips.)
  3. Do not touch the tick with your bare hands.
  4. Wash your hands with soap & water, apply rubbing alcohol or antiseptic to bite site.
  5. Place tick in a zippered plastic bag with a moist cotton ball and bring it to your local health department or private lab for testing.
  6. If a rash appears, take a photo, write down any symptoms you may have and call/visit your doctor immediately.

Video Source and Creators: Kathryn Rochon, Ph.D., The University of Manitoba


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