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Podcast: In the Lymelight – Comedian and Hypnot...

WELCOME TO IN THE LYMELIGHT: A SHOW ABOUT…WELL…LYME DISEASE Season 2, episode 2 Welcome to In The Lymelight: a show about…well…Lyme Disease. In the Lymelight aims to bring humor and knowledge to an otherwise somber …MORE

GLA POV: Microbiome analysis of Ixodes scapular...


Lyme Disease is Causing a Mental Health Crisis:...

By Kerry Heckman Note: This post discusses self-harm and suicide. If you feel suicidal or a danger to yourself or others, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273 TALK (8255),or text “HOME” to 741741 …MORE

The Time Warp of Tick-Borne Illness

by Jennifer Crystal   I’d already lost three years of my life to illness. Then I got a taste of resumed independence and health, only to have those intimations of well-being quashed once more. The …MORE

Treating Instead of Denying Yourself

by Jennifer Crystal Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Many people engage in some kind of spring cleaning, whether it is airing out their homes or themselves. People open their windows and shake …MORE

Dear Lyme Warrior…Help!

By Jennifer Crystal Every few months, Jennifer Crystal devotes a column to answering your questions. Below are her responses to a few recently received questions. Do you have a question for Jennifer? If so, email …MORE

Spring REALLY Will Come

by Jennifer Crystal This time of year can be a tease. With daylight savings time, the sun is suddenly brighter, and there are hints of warmer weather coming, Not surprisingly, we start to think it’s almost …MORE

GLA POV: Ability of Stationary Phase Persister/...

by Timothy Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, GLA Ying Zhang, Ph.D., a Global Lyme Alliance (GLA)-funded investigator, and his team at Johns Hopkins University just published a seminal study in the journal Discovery Medicine titled …MORE

Be a Victor, Not a Victim

by Jennifer Crystal Many patients of tick-borne disease take years to get diagnosed. A lucky few ones find a bull’s-eye rash or an embedded tick, go to a physician who just happens to be Lyme …MORE

Video Interview with Dr. Neeta Connally at WCSU

Dr. Mayla Hsu, Ph.D., Director of Research and Science at Global Lyme Alliance interviews Dr. Neeta Connally, Ph.D., medical entomologist, associate professor and Director of the Tickborne Disease Prevention Laboratory at Western Connecticut State University. …MORE

GLA: Lyme Disease Research Symposium 2019

HIGHLIGHTS FROM GLA’S 2019 LYME DISEASE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM WITH TOP LYME RESEARCHERS   by Mayla Hsu, Ph.D., Director of Research and Science, GLA (pictured: GLA grantee Dr. John Aucott, GLA’s Dr. Mayla Hsu, GLA SAB …MORE

What Does it Mean to Herx?

by Jennifer Crystal Sometimes when I’m describing tick-borne illness, I feel like I’m speaking a foreign language. Most people have heard of Lyme disease—though too many mistakenly call it “Lyme’s” when there is actually no …MORE

Request for Information: Input on NIH Tick-born...

Below is a letter from Global Lyme Alliance’s Chief Scientific Officer in response to the NIH’s request for information to their Tick-borne Diseases Strategic Plan   As Chief Scientific Officer of GLA, I herewith respond …MORE

Lyme Isn’t a Choice

by Jennifer Crystal Please don’t give in to denial and fear. If you think you might have a tick-borne disease and have been avoiding going to an LLMD, or if you have been diagnosed with …MORE

Don’t Settle For Good Enough

by Jennifer Crystal In life, we’re often told not to settle. We don’t want to take a job or enter a relationship simply because it seems good enough. Doing so might bring short-term gains, but in …MORE

Dear Lyme Warrior…Help!

by Jennifer Crystal Every few months, Jennifer Crystal devotes a column to answering your questions. Here are her answers to some recently received questions. Do you have a question for Jennifer? Email her at jennifercrystalwriter@gmail.com. …MORE

Financing Tick-Borne Disease

by Jennifer Crystal Having Lyme disease is expensive. It can take a toll on you in more ways than one. Below are some resources and insights to help you or the patient in your life. …MORE

Can’t Versus Shouldn’t

by Jennifer Crystal “Should” is one of my least favorite words. Society gets us caught up in the idea of what we “should” be doing—we should work more, exercise more, take on more—and that puts …MORE

A Different Kind of Lyme Journey

Brooke Procida Takes to the Road to Promote Lyme Disease Healing   Many of us have embarked on cross-country adventures with plans to enjoy America’s superb national parks, cultural landmarks and regional cuisine. But Brooke …MORE

A Tribute to Rick LaPierre, Our Friend and Advo...

Remembering our friend who advocated for patients with chronic illness   By Diane Blanchard, Vice Chair, GLA Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) wants to say a fond goodbye to our dear friend, Rick LaPierre, who was …MORE

Starting Small in the New Year

by Jennifer Crystal New Year’s Day is supposed to be a time of renewal. People celebrate and make resolutions for a fresh start. But for Lyme patients and those with chronic illness, New Year’s can …MORE

Podcast: Outbreak News Interview on Lyme Diseas...

Robert Herriman with Outbreak News interviews GLA’s Chief Scientific Officer Timothy Sellati, Ph.D. to discuss Lyme disease, the Tick-borne Disease Working Group, and the IDSA   Read the complete transcript below or listen to the …MORE

Hope For the Holidays

by Jennifer Crystal The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. But for many people with chronic illnesses—and others suffering in different ways—the holidays can be really difficult. If you’re bedridden …MORE