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November / December 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped us make GLA’s 4th Annual NYC Gala a tremendous success! Check out speeches, videos, photos, and more

September / October 2018

NYC Gala 2018 – One Month Away! Join Team GLA at the biggest and most important fundraising event of the year. Seating is limited!

May / June 2018

Support GLA’s mission this Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Receive a limited-edition Ally Hilfiger gift with your donation.

March / April 2018

First Multiplex Test for Tick-Borne Disease A look at the new Tick-Borne Disease Serochip diagnostic blood test.

January / February 2018

NEW! POSTDOCTORAL SCIENTISTS WILL FOCUS ON CHRONIC LYME GLA expands research program with announcement of inaugural postdoctoral fellowships. The fellowships will support five recent Ph.D. graduates with specific interest in Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS) …MORE

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