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Natural Isn’t Always Better: Getting Real About...

by Jennifer Crystal Our society’s focus on living naturally has created a stigma around the “dangers” of pharmaceutical medications. But for patients with complex illnesses, like Lyme, it’s not that simple.   One of the most …MORE

A Lyme Warrior Bites Back

Heidi Buono wants others to have a fighting chance against Lyme disease. She is raising awareness about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases through her “Bite Back Against Lyme Run-Walk” in Albany, NY.   Nine years …MORE

Adjusting to a Lyme Diet

by Emily Croot #MyLymeLife Learning to Love What There is to Eat When You’re on a Lyme Diet   For anyone familiar with the Lyme diet, you will know that while it is a useful …MORE

Partisan Politics in Lyme Disease

by Jennifer Crystal This past year we’ve seen our country’s politics become sharply divided, even though our politicians are supposed to be working together for the greater good of the American people. Watching the news, …MORE

Podcast: tick bite prevention

Our Director of Research and Science, Dr. Mayla Hsu talks to us about tick bite prevention, and what you can do to protect yourself from tick-borne infections.     Transcript below: Lindsy: Welcome everyone, I’m …MORE

Tough Mudder and Lyme Disease

by Scott Santarella, CEO, Global Lyme Alliance I have always been intrigued by the endurance event concept and its connection to charity fundraising. More specifically, I have been a huge fan of Tough Mudder, which …MORE

Care Versus Overcare: A Fine Line

by Jennifer Crystal Well-meaning Lyme caregivers can easily cross the line from care to overcare. Here are some simple rules to follow for both patient and caregiver.   Recently a friend was going through a …MORE