What We’re Thankful For–Thanksgivin...

As we approach Thanksgiving, many of us pause to reflect on why we are thankful.   Without a doubt, the challenges with Lyme remain—better diagnostics and improved treatments are still sorely needed.  But there are …MORE

Spreading the Light of Gratitude

by Jennifer Crystal The importance of finding gratitude when you suffer from a chronic illness like Lyme disease   The upcoming holiday has us all thinking about being thankful. Thanksgiving is a time for feasting …MORE

Never Give Up

by Jennifer Crystal Lessons for Lymies from Winston Churchill and the Chicago Cubs   During the most intense period of my treatment for tick-borne illness, I lived with my parents and sometimes other family members. …MORE

Falling Back: It’s Not Real

by Jennifer Crystal Changing clocks, Lyme disease, and Herxing   Twice a year I dread changing the clocks. Even in spring when extra daylight heralds warmer, brighter days, I know the shift will cause a …MORE

Night Sweats & Lyme

by Anthony Brandt #MyLymeLife The real estate ads never mentioned the deer. Thanks to a very smelly mix of chemicals we can still grow hosta, their favorite food, but the chemicals have to go on …MORE

Stabilizing Blood Sugar During a Season of Sweets

by Jennifer Crystal Hypoglycemia and Lyme Disease   The first symptom of tick-borne illness that I experienced was one I’d never heard of: hypoglycemia. I was working as a summer camp counselor in the woods …MORE

Halloween: No Costume Necessary

by Jennifer Crystal I never liked playing dress-up as a kid. I didn’t like pretending to be someone I wasn’t.   Sure, I could get into the spirit for Halloween. There are photos of me …MORE

Fall Tick Season is in Full Swing

8 Ways to Protect Yourself & Your Family   Fall tick season is in full swing and so are popular outdoors activities, whether hiking in the woods to enjoy the peak leaf season, raking, or …MORE