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Living the Lyme Life

Fashion designer and GLA board member Ally Hilfiger talks with brave teens who are living with Lyme disease and shares valuable tips to avoid tick bites and Lyme disease prevention. Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH, …MORE

Rob Thomas Performs “Unwell” at Uni...

Rob Thomas’ “Unwell” took on a whole new meaning for those affected with Lyme disease, when he performed the song at Global Lyme Alliance’s Uniting for a Lyme-Free World Gala in New York on October …MORE

200 Children Get Lyme Disease Every Day

Watch Global Lyme Alliance’s PSA running in Times Square, alerting millions that they are one tick bite away from getting Lyme disease. Children are most at risk, with more than 200 contracting Lyme disease every day. …MORE

One Tick Bite Away from Lyme Disease

Children are at the greatest risk of contracting Lyme disease. There are more than 200 new cases every day. Many more children are misdiagnosed, due to the lack of an accurate diagnostic test.   This video …MORE

Lyme is real, with more than 329,000 new cases ...

Watch Yolanda Hadid, Thalia, Ally Hilfiger and others share their courageous stories about living with Lyme disease. Learn more about Global Lyme Alliance’s mission to conquer Lyme and other tick-borne diseases through research and education. …MORE

Yolanda Hadid at Global Lyme Alliance 2015 Gala

Global Lyme Alliance raises nearly $3 million to conquer Lyme disease at star-studded New York City gala, with honorees Carlos Brito, Yolanda Foster, Ally Hilfiger and Thalía Mottola   Yolanda Hadid accepts the Power of One …MORE

Teens Share What It’s Like to Live with L...

What’s it like living with Lyme disease? Teens share their personal stories about what it’s like to live with Lyme disease–how it affects them, their families, their social lives, and more.

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